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   Guangzhou Square moving company was founded in 1984, is a resident moving, office relocation, moving freight, long distance transport, temporary storage, goods packing, unpacking furniture, hourly workers services, piano moving, move heavy equipment, air conditioning moves, Server move as one large moving company, remnants of the existing 170 vehicles of various job, nearly 800 employees.Moving Group moved three business people from the most simple moving, personal moving, students move, the relocation of enterprises, commodity distribution, development of long-distance transport to a temporary (long-term) storage, packaging items, furniture disassembly, furniture lifting, piano moving, handling equipment, heavy equipment lifting, shifting, moving hourly service, air shift, server relocation, factory relocation, municipal demolition, where there is moving where there is almost Guangzhou moving company to move the figure, Guangzhou and your moving company to move as lurking. Guangzhou now has developed into a moving company to move a large set of logistics, transportation and warehousing and transportation as one large move, logistics enterprises.
    In 1998 the company established a Board of Supervisors, formally introduced the shareholding system reform in Guangzhou, so that every employee in the company has become a shareholder of the company, but also in the development of their own in the development of the company in the same industry in the lead in establishing a modern enterprise management concepts and systems.

   Guangzhou Square moving companyoperating in series vehicles, including 0.6 tons (2.6M), 1.5 ton (4.2 m), 2 tons (5.7 m), 3 tons (6.3 m), 5 tons (9.6 m), 8 tons (12.5 m ), bread, Gold, gondola and other different models, all cars are equipped with GPS satellite positioning system device and call, the dispatch center using advanced network management platform for the harmonization of the overall capacity of the unified deployment of the district team. Updated once every 15 seconds, dynamic data, to ensure that your belongings safe.
    Guangzhou Square moving company were moved by the moving company before the induction of professional skills training service norms furniture disassembly, piano moving, equipment and goods transport, etc., can be employed only after passing. Group less than 4 per car more than 200 employees and management team of highly educated people, college students currently serving 86 people, 34 undergraduates, graduate eight people, to ensure the "long-term car or a large one-time car" project-type transport safe and secure.